Client Relationship Excellence

Client Relationship Management Excellence for Recruiters





Great client relationship management is much more than managing clients and monitoring their behaviours.  It has the potential to change the client relationship with a company and increase revenues in the process.


CRM is a business philosophy and a mindset.


This is professional skills course focused on the methods for maintaining and developing client relationships to increase profitability and client retention.



Who is this training for?


Client Relationship Management Training is for anyone  in a client facing role needing to develop a more confident approach to maintaining and growing client relationships. It is appropriate for all levels of experience and can be tailored to your requirements.



Practical Outcomes of Client Relationship Management Training:


You will leave the course with the skills and confidence to manage, meet and exceed your client’s expectations. You will be able to build rapport and trust quickly using simple and effective techniques whilst looking to add value to all relationships.



“James delivered a solid presentation with high energy and stage presence. The audience remained alert, actively participated, and even shared some laughs (a rare occurrence).


He chose relevant, insightful content, articulated it in a manner that was easy to understand, and used a visual aid in a clear and simple fashion. James’ passion for communication radiates out from the moment you meet him.”


Linnea Jungnelius, Client Relationship Manager – O’Neill Consulting Group 



You will learn:


  • The importance of client care in the recruitment environment
  • What is service excellence and what does it mean
  • Building rapport and creating strong working relationships
  • The process of enquiry to engagement
  • Communicating with your clients and ongoing relationship building
  • Questioning and listening skills
  • Understanding client behaviours and styles
  • Handling complaints and resolving difficult situations positively



“I had a great pleasure of participating in James’ two-day training about excellence in recruitment services. He speaks about essential things in such a simple manner that it’s nearly impossible not to relate to it. After this experience with James, I had many different ideas that can be easily implemented in my everyday job and I strongly believe that it will help me bring my services to the next level – from great to perfect!”


Ieva Kuniejūtė, Consultant – Alliance for Recruitment


“Thank you James for the training session today. You were awesome!”


Sonal Balrey, Consultant – Redfox Executive Search 



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Client Relationship Management