Recruitment Sales Training

At it’s core recruitment is a sales business, and Recruitment Sales Training is a vital addition to any consultant’s skill set.


In an increasingly competitive market where clients are looking for real value for their spend, it is more important than ever that your consultants are able to differentiate and sell themselves and their service in the best possible way.





My business development workshops are designed to teach real world solutions and help your consultants to get faster results. They concentrate on skills and techniques that really work and can be used immediately, with a strong focus on long-term relationship building and profitability.


All training is written specifically for you and can be tailored to both permanent and temporary desks as well as the experience level of your people.



Recruitment Sales Training topics include:




“Our research and sales groups recently participated in James’ sales training program. It was really fantastic, comprehensive and personally beneficial for my goals in sales around building long-term client relationships – I can’t wait to start applying what I learned! James speaks with authority on his topics and runs a tight ship as he presents. He kept our rowdy group in order and we all had nothing but great things to say about his recommendations. Could not have enjoyed it more!”

Kathryn Taylor, Senior Consultant – 6 Group


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Recruitment Sales Training