Headhunting Training Course for In-House Recruitment

Headhunting Training Course for In-House Recruiters


We all want the very best candidates for our businesses and our hiring managers, and having consistent access to these people is one of major issues facing the in-house recruitment market.


We all want to find and hire the best people for our vacancies but as we all know, quite often the best people for these roles are already working.


So, if they are not sitting on any databases or job boards, a great solution is to headhunt.

Who is Headhunting Training for?


This course is designed for in-house recruiters who are new to headhunting, and are looking at add these skill sets, or those who have plenty of experience but are looking to get better results from their calling.

It is best suited those who have already acquired a good level of general recruitment skill and experience.


Positive Outcomes of the Headhunting Training Course


You will leave the headhunting training course with the motivation, confidence and skills necessary to make excellent calls to prospective candidates for your business.


IMPORTANT NOTE:  This course in fully interactive and is run with a live calling element, getting you on the phone and embedding the skills immediately.

“I recommend James on so many levels, insightful, intelligent, entertaining and relevant. His training seemed to fly by because it was so enjoyable and really relevant to the tasks that I am doing. 10/10.”

Katie Davies, Consultant – HCL Workforce Solutions

The Headhunting Training Course will cover:


  • Headhunting overview, method and process
  • Building confidence on the phone
  • Preparation
  • Mapping including identifying candidates using sources and online media
  • The stages of a headhunt call
  • Making the call and getting to the right person
  • Rapport and control
  • Dos and don’ts of a great call
  • Qualification of prospective candidates in and out
  • Closing and moving forward
  • Follow up conversations and meetings
  • Overcoming objections and candidate management

As with all Recruiting to Win® courses, the content will be tailored to suit the level of consultants attending, as well as their experience.


“I have been really impressed with James and the delivery of his training for myself and my colleagues recently. The training was well pitched and feedback has been great. I wouldn’t hesitate to use James’ services in the future for other professional skills training”

Kathryn Bates, Business Development Manager – Irwin Mitchell

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