Recruitment Leaders Mastermind™

A mastermind group specifically for dynamic and driven recruitment business leaders looking to build highly profitable and scaleable businesses by becoming the recognised leader and go-to expert in your market.

A Mastermind Group Only for Recruitment Leaders


An online monthly, focused meeting of really driven and ambitious people who want to grow great recruitment businesses. 

A mastermind group made up of a select group of positive and inspiring people, with an experienced mastermind facilitator.

If you want to reach the top of your industry and achieve your true potential, whilst benefiting from a supportive peer group, then this mastermind group might be just what you have been searching for.

Make the Recruitment Leaders Mastermind™ your ‘Virtual Board’, the board you can’t afford!

How it works


The group runs in Mastermind half days where you get to tap into the collective minds of the group to solve your biggest business challenges. You also get to share experiences to help other members, learn from their journeys, continue your own personal and professional development and grow your network.

The Mastermind Members


Membership is restricted to a maximum of 10 members; just small enough for regular hot-seat sessions for everyone who needs one, and just big enough to make a real difference.

The Support Mechanism


The Mastermind is your accountability group, they are there to support you, challenge you and cheer your successes. In addition, you will have an accountability call with James booked in between Masterminds to add as much value and support as possible.

This is all backed up by an online group to keep in touch with each other between mastermind days, plus there’s the opportunity to bolt on additional one-to-one coaching.

The collective power of a group of people with an exciting goal, who meet behind closed doors and support each other is difficult to describe until you have experienced it for yourself.

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Who is the Recruitment Leaders Mastermind™ For?


✔︎ Are you an ambitious recruitment business owner/partner?

✔︎ Could you benefits from a supportive peer-to-peer group where everyone works for the collective benefit of the group, whilst providing real commercial opportunities?

✔︎ Do you want to be know as the go-to person in your industry?

✔︎ Do you want to seriously raise the profile and profits in your business?

 If the answer is yes to any of the above, then Recruitment Leaders Mastermind™ just might be for you.

The 5 Key Benefits of Recruitment Leaders Mastermind™

 1 – Support


Unless you’re some kind of superhuman, leadership can at times be draining and lonely, and you’re going to need support.


This Mastermind is a facilitated peer support group that provides exactly the type of support you need at any particular time. You can access this support system as regularly as you need to.


2 – Advice & Feedback


This Mastermind is made up of people with a shared purpose and focus, who are often at different stages of the same journey.


Being in this Mastermind group is like having your own personal board of directors giving you great feedback and advice about your problems and goals…because they share (or have shared) the same problems and the same goals.


Facilitated by James Nathan who has over 2 decades of experience working with numerous recruitment businesses, he acts as a guide and mentor to the group. But most often it’s the feedback and advice you receive from your peers that’s most relevant, timely, and helpful.


3. Accountability


Accountability is a great motivator.


This Mastermind group brings instant accountability. Each of the other members becomes your accountability buddy, prompting and cajoling you to walk your talk.


So when your human tendency to get distracted, procrastinate and fall back into old habits threatens to derail your progress, there’s plenty of people around that you really, really don’t want to let down…so you’re far, far more likely to actually take action and do what you need to do to succeed.


Peer pressure has its positives in the right circumstances.


And, on top of that, James will keep you on track in your accountability calls and mentoring between Mastermind days.


4. Brainstorming


The Recruitment Leaders Mastermind™ group utilises the ‘Hot Seat’ process, where each individual member has the opportunity to share pressing or persistent problems and have the entire group brainstorm solutions and produce action plans that can literally transform your business.


If two minds are better than one, 10 minds are exponentially better!


5. Commercial Reward and Networking


An incredible level of trust and mutual respect develops between Mastermind peers.


Members happily cross promote to each others businesses, social media and real world networks, leading to a real increase in commercial returns.


More than that, members regularly promote each other to their clients passing leads and opportunities at every chance!

The Mastermind Format


Run online to fit easily into a normal working week, a typical mastermind session starts with a review of your progress, and transitions into a relevant skills development session. We help you to build the right connections from the very beginning and give you a competitive advantage.


In the coffee break you will get to network with each other in breakout rooms: It’s a great chance to deepen relationships and uncover new business opportunities.


In the second half there are hot-seat sessions where we take the challenges you are facing in your business and put the power of the mastermind to work for you. This is the part of the day when you are truly working on your business instead of in your business.


As you build trusted relationships with your fellow Recruitment Leaders, you will grow a group of confidants to share ideas with, gain valuable feedback on the issues you face, and create new commercial opportunities with.


This format accelerates the building of trust. We know from experience that your network really is the key to your success – and we want to help you build both, fast.

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Facilitated by James Nathan


James has over two decades experience in helping build recruitment businesses. He facilitates the meetings and runs the coaching/mentoring calls personally. 


In Business he has owned, run and sold businesses recruitment businesses whilst building a successful training and speaking career and is a best-selling author.

Where and When?


Location – Online


Meeting Days – Half days run every calendar month of the year, except when we take a break in August.

Commitment – Joining is based on a 3 month minimum term agreement, as we believe it takes time, consistent action and a strong support network to build your business and achieve lasting results.

Interested? How Do You Apply?


Step 1– Fill in the form at the bottom of this page and we will contact you to arrange an initial call with James.

Step 2 – On the call, tell us about your business and your ambitions so we can assess if the Recruitment Leaders Mastermind is a potentially a good fit for you.

Step  3 – If we agree that it’s a good fit for you, complete the application paperwork to confirm your place and get ready to really take off!

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