Recruitment Manager One to One Coaching

Recruitment Manager Coaching


A structured programme of one to one coaching for operational recruitment managers.

The ability to move and change with the market, motivate yourself and others and perform at your peak is the achievable mark we all wish to maintain, whilst growing our businesses and most importantly, profit.


The structure and content the sessions will vary depending on the individual needs of the delegates and adjusted to fit the goals of the organisation for the individuals development.


Sessions are planned across a sensible timescales, typically 2 weekly. Ad hoc support is provided in-between sessions by telephone. Programmes run in blocks of 4 sessions of 1 to 2 hours each.


For ease these sessions are often run over Zoom.

The Benefits of One to One Manager Coaching:

Manager coaching is a process of development, learning and achievement, enabling you to confidently

the pace in your business, dramatically improve your profit and results, and feel more confident and certain about the future.


Working around a series of regular, scheduled sessions, we will agree your objectives together and then support and guide you towards achieving them.

“James is a superb trainer, providing an entertaining, informative and immediately usable content to his courses. This is backed up by being a highly respected expert in his subject matter and a very approachable and engaging style.


I would highly recommend James for any recruitment based training scenario.”



                                                                                          Toby Briant, CEO and Founder – Rutherford Briant

As good as we all are at what we do, we know we can be better, do more, be more motivated, achieve greater results and contribute more.

“I spent an initial two days with James, looking at my business in detail and discussing new ways to improve it even further. I found his ideas and techniques very helpful and look forward to working with him to implement these over the forthcoming year. Would highly recommend!”


                                                                                                                            Kevin Brady, Director – Adview

Typical coaching content includes:

– Understanding operational leadership and the role of player manager

– Balancing managing your people with your desk and your billings

– Managing your time with added responsibilities and goals

– Setting objectives, goals and targets for your team and individual consultants

– Running effective team meetings

– Running consultant 1-to-1 catch up sessions, including:

          – Portfolio overview and management

          – Client relationship overview and management

          – Control of their desk

          – Operational development

          – Time management

          – Accountability

– Using and providing continuous encouragement and feedback

– Mentoring and coaching skills

– Working with and understanding different learning styles and personality styles

– Identifying training needs in your consultants

– Appraisals and support

“James is a great ideas man and is intuitive and committed to delivering 1st class support and results. He is very comfortable in the what if world, his initiative, empathy, experience and great ideas make him an ideal mentor/coach. I highly recommend his work to any organisation.”


                                                                                                      James Newman, MD – Michael Page Group

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