Recruitment Manager Training

Recruitment Manager Training

The move from an operational role to management is an exciting as well as bewildering time in anyone’s career. Not only are there the obvious time management issues, but with staff come a vast number of other issues and problems to address too.


Then, once you have the basics under your belt, there are a vast range of skills to learn as you become more experienced.

“James was a great help to our business. He challenged our thinking and gave us that extra persuasion to try new techniques which have made a big impact on profitability as well as time management. As a result we are now working much more efficiently and have changed our mindsets to keep searching for improvements and refinements.”


Paul King, Manager  – Orbis Resourcing 

I provide tailored workshops and one-to-one training, specific to the needs of you and your business. My workshops and programmes are all bespoke, and written to fit what you need, when you need it. I work with you to prioritise those needs and put together a sensible, time effective and cost effective solution.

“James ran an interactive course designed to help new and aspiring managers take control of their new roles, and provide them with the understanding and skills necessary to become a great success. He provided excellent guidance to help make sure you are doing the right thing but also many more tips and advice with the more difficult situations that you will encountered as a Manager.


I would highly recommend James to any company or organisation and so highly that I will be having a follow up in a few weeks with James. He’s an excellent presenter, I really enjoyed the interaction and hearing about his experiences.”


Robyn Hvidsten, Head of Operations – Advanced Discovery

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Recruitment Manager Training