The Player Manager

Recruitment Management Training for Operational Managers



One of the biggest challenges for a successful consultant is taking the step from running a desk, to running a team and a desk at the same time.


Not only are there the obvious time management issues, but with staff come a vast number of other issues and problems to address to.



Who is this Recruitment Management Training for? 


The Player Manager is a Recruitment Management Training Course that helps new and aspiring managers take control of their new roles, and provide them with the understanding and skills necessary to become a great success.



You will learn:


  • Truly leading
  • Balancing management, your desk and your people
  • Mentor and Coach Vs Manager
  • Planning for your new consultant
  • Working with and understanding different learning styles
  • Working with and understanding different personality styles
  • Using questioning and listening skills
  • Time Management
  • Setting objectives and goals
  • Non-verbal communication styles and the impact of them
  • Understanding and using multi-sensory language
  • Using tone and metaphor
  • Using and providing continuous feedback
  • Being available Vs time for you
  • Team meetings and consultant catch up sessions
  • Identifying training needs in your consultants
  • Appraisals and support



“James makes his training exciting and fun, displaying great passion and empathy. He is a great ideas man and is intuitive and committed to delivering 1st class support and results. He is very comfortable in the what if world, and together with his intuitive and empathy skills and great ideas make him an ideal mentor/coach. I highly recommend his work to any organisation.”


James Newman, Managing Director, Michael Page International



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