Introduction to Recruitment Management

Introduction to Great Recruitment Management 

One of the biggest challenges for a successful consultant is taking the step from running a desk, to running a team and a desk at the same time.


Not only are there the obvious time management issues, but with staff come a vast number of other issues and problems to address to.


Introduction to Recruitment Management is a course that helps new and aspiring managers take control of their new roles, and provide them with the understanding and skills necessary to become a great success.

In this Recruitment Management Training you will learn:


– The manager’s role

– What makes a good manager?

– The core challenges of management

– The objectives of management

– Management vs leadership

– Motivation, coaching and mentoring

– Using praise

– Working with individuals and learning styles

– The learning cycle

– Time management, prioritisation and delegation

– Balancing as player manager

– Meetings with your team – team meetings and 1-to-1 sessions

– Using and providing feedback

– People styles and personality types

– Working with different personalities

– The most difficult personality styles

– Secrets of great management

“James has a proven track record in leading managing and growing teams and businesses in ways that chimed with our needs. He very quickly understood or business, our position in the market and the values created around the brand. This was key for us to create a training and development programme which didn’t disrupt our culture internally and helped build and develop our capability and service offering externally. James’ style is collaborative and engaging and he has been very well received at all levels of our business. 


We’ve engaged James on an ongoing basis to support us as we continue to grow.”


Steve Leebrook, Group Sales Director – SystemsAccountants

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