Advanced Temps Training

Advanced Temps Training for Professional Recruitment Consultants 



The role of a temps or contracts consultant in a busy office is quite different to that of their permanent desk colleagues. The timescales are much shorter, the margins are tighter and the volumes are higher. Advanced Temps training will take you from filing jobs to controlling your market and beyond.



Who is Advanced Temps Training for?


This course is designed to give your temps and contract consultants more control, over their desk and assignments, as well as improving fill rate and making more profitable margins.



You will learn:


  • The role of a temps consultant
  • Attracting quality candidates
  • Candidate management and care
  • Candidate marketing
  • Job filling and “start no interview”
  • Working a permanent consultants jobs
  • Offer management
  • Lead and Ad Chasing
  • Negotiation techniques for increasing margins
  • The legislation
  • Time management and prioritisation


As with all Recruiting to Win® courses, the content can be varied to suit the level of consultants attending, as well as their experience.



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Advanced Temps Training