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Introduction to Recruitment – New Consultant Training 



Giving your consultants the very best start in recruitment is vital to their ongoing development, and is a great investment in your business. It’s simply not good enough to point someone at a desk and market and hope that somehow things will work out, but I see it so often.


The solution is great basic New Consultant Induction Training. Learning good basic habits and skills at the very beginning makes for great future consultants.



Who is New Consultant Training for?


These courses are run across 3 days and are designed to provide those new to recruitment with a sound understanding of the recruitment process, as well as the key skills necessary to succeed.


Fully modular, the courses days can be run concurrently or a week or so apart to give on-the-desk experience before the next module.


New Consultant Training can be tailored to both permanent and temporary desks.



“My colleagues and I had the pleasure of attending training with James organised by our company. James was extremely approachable and made us feel at ease immediately. He understood within the first half an hour exactly where our personal strengths and weaknesses were, as well as the types of learners we are and tailored his teaching around this whilst delivering a dynamic and structured programme that was thoroughly engaging and highly informative the whole way through.


We left the course with a thorough understanding of the material as well as a copy of his book which reinforces all of the topics and ideas discussed. I would highly recommend James for the future!

Laura Fairweather, Consultant – Invenia Resourcing


“Brilliant! James is dynamic, engaging interesting to listen to and the content is all very relevant. Honest, motivational and thought provoking.”

Charlotte Solomou, Consultant – SystemsAccountants


New Consultant Training Outline:




Part I – Great Consultant and Candidates (1 Day)


  • What makes a great consultant – Good Vs Great
  • Planning and time management
  • The art of soft selling and importance of know, like and trust
  • Establishing rapport and building trust
  • The candidate life cycle
  • The power of the database
  • Proactive candidate attraction, sourcing and care
  • Candidate registration and screening
  • Candidate interviewing and information gathering
  • Gaining exclusivity
  • Updating and Lead Generation
  • Candidate Marketing
  • Expectation management and influencing
  • Reliving old/dead candidates
  • Beating LinkedIn


Part II – Clients and Business Development (1 Day)


  • Introduction to business development
  • The client life cycle and process 
  • Features v benefits and why people buy
  • The BD process
  • Telephone Vs Email 
  • Introductory calling and getting to the right person
  • Lead chasing
  • Ad chasing
  • Client relationship building and management
  • Getting client meetings
  • Running client meetings, preparation and control
  • A simple sales pitch formula


Part III – Jobs and Proactivity (1 Day)


  • The job cycle
  • Taking and understanding a job spec – on the phone and at a meeting
  • Gaining exclusivity
  • Writing adverts
  • Selling jobs to candidates
  • Selling candidates to clients
  • The interview process
  • Taking and using feedback
  • Offer Management
  • Managing offer problems
  • Handling buy back/counter offers
  • Identifying issues and pitfalls
  • Aftercare
  • Portfolio Management



“James is a great trainer covering a broad range of training modules for recruitment consultants. As I am new to recruitment, I attended his training which I found very useful. I highly recommend him!”


Rebecca Garrie, Consultant – HCL Workforce Solutions



“James has a proven track record in leading managing and growing teams and businesses in ways that really chimed with our needs. He very quickly understood our business, our position in the market and the values created around the brand. This was key for us to create a training and development programme which didn’t disrupt our culture internally and helped build and develop our capability and service offering externally.


James’ style is collaborative and engaging and he has been very well received at all levels of our business. We’ve engaged James on an ongoing basis to support us as we continue to grow.”


Steve Leebrook, Group Sales Director – SystemsAccountants



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