Retainer Selling Training Online


Retainer Selling Training is highly interactive and will teach you all you need to to learn go out and sell more retained assignments, whether you are in a typically contingent or search business.

Who is this Retainer Selling Training for?


The course is designed for consultants with a good level of recruitment experience looking to improve their skills and techniques and sell more retained assignments.



The course will be delivered in 3 modules of approximately 2 hours per part. I find that this length of online delivery gives the best learning outcomes, as well as allowing the office to run as normally as possible during a training day.


The modules are delivered over a time period to suit you and your business – usually a day or two apart. 

Practical Outcomes


You will leave the course with the motivation, confidence and skills necessary to make excellent calls to prospective candidates for both retained and contingent assignments.

“James is a superb trainer, providing an entertaining, informative and immediately usable content to his courses. This is backed up by being a highly respected expert in his subject matter and a very approachable and engaging style. I would highly recommend James for any recruitment based training scenario.”


Toby Briant, Managing Director – Rutherford Briant

You will learn


– Introduction to retained assignment

– The benefits of retained assignments for you and your client

– The importance of a consultative approach to selling

– Selling yourself and your message

– How and why people buy

– Features Vs Benefits

– Communicating with your clients and customisation

– Building confidence and preparation

– Managing the meeting

– Questioning and listening skills

– Control techniques

– Perception, body language and tone

– Closing techniques and SPIN C

– Objection handling

“James recently ran a group training session for Lime Talent. Everyone in the business really liked James and he was a very credible trainer who delivered a well-structured, helpful and well thought out course which has resulted in the team making significantly more profit from putting his ideas and suggestions into practice.


Throughout my dealings with James, he has proven himself to be very personable, professional and helpful. I would definitely recommend James to other recruitment businesses looking for an experienced and knowledgeable trainer.”


Chris McWade, MD – Lime Talent FMCG Specialist Recruitment

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