Tapping on keyboards

Tapping on keyboards

One of the most fantastic things we have as recruiters are our connected systems and our email. It makes things so quick and easy doesn’t it?


The so called good all days


In days gone by your bosses will probably tell you that they used fax machines, dictated letters and sent CVs by post, or even delivered them in person. It was slower that’s for sure.


Back then, when I was just starting out, I used to think: wouldn’t it be wonderful if I could just get a CV to a client quickly; if I could just get the information across in a flash. It didn’t take long for that to become a reality, and now you can. You can work faster, but are you working smarter too?


Email helps us speed up the recruitment cycle and that’s magic. Magic for what it’s good at. But there is a big down side.


The downside of email


Email can make you lazy, and it allows for a lot of excuses too. What email does not do is help you build relationships, help you persuade and influence, allow you to question, discuss and push back. Email is a great way to push information. It is not a brilliant two way communication tool.


If we just stopped tapping so much and started talking more we would make so much more money. And, at the end of the day recruitment is a sales business.


I spend a lot of time in different recruitment businesses and when I hear tapping on keyboards and that dull hum that comes with it, I see fee boards that are empty.


But, when I go into offices and there are people on the phone, there is a buzz about the place. People are talking and communicating, people are interacting with each other….. and the boards are full! Coincidence? I don’t think so.


Decision time


Before you reach for your keyboard make a decision. Do I need to email this person, or would I be much better off phoning them. What result do I want to achieve, and what’s the best too for the job?


Words really do speak loudest.


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